How to Productively Work From Home

COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons and one of them is to be Flexible. Change is the only constant and no one can resist it. From our fast routine life to sudden break, we have changed a lot, outside as well as inside.

Tech Giant, Google, has already asked their employees to work from home til June 2021 and this is a clear indication of what the future is holding for us. If you are working from home and struggling to get productive day, below are some of the points that might help you.


1. Get a Home Office Ready

We have to build small office space at our home. Office Space not only looks good but also creates a physiological effect that helps in working better. The home office also helps you in creating a difference between personal and office space. Here is how to set up a home office desk:

2. Plan Your Day

Planning is crucial when you don't have anyone to supervise. When you plan a day, we woke with a full proof plan and that cuts off the time to think. This ultimately enhances productivity.

3. Separate Personal & Work Space

As I mentioned in the first point, you have to separate personal and workspace otherwise you will end up by mixing both and give birth to frustration, irritation, unproductive mood. 

4. Meet Other People

Meeting and personal touch is restricted because of COVID-19 but if there are other ways to contact. Meeting people means discussing common issues and problems. That really helps in freshening up the mood and give an open space to think about new ideas. If you know someone online who can help you, get their email address and contact them. Here are some way to get someone's social media to account using email

Once you have their social media, you can contact them online while maintaining the norms of social distancing.

5. Keep Yourself Fit

Your physical fitness plays a crucial role in productivity. Your sitting posture, diet, everything makes sense to your body. A sick body will make your mind sick and productivity is not possible with such package. Give time to your body. Few sets of Jumping Jacks, Rope Skipping, Push-ups, Pull-Ups are enough to keep your body and mind sound.

How You Can Download Movies from the Internet

Movies are the best thing you can do while you are free. There are alot of ways of watching movies online but not every way is possible for everyone. Streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video etc. are great platforms but if you are someone who goes to high school and lives on pocket money, I can feel you. Alot of people don't invest on the good earphones as well. For the best entertainment experience, you should definitely invest in a good headphones or earphones.

For all those, you can use Torrent, streaming apps and what not. There are legal apps that you can use stream movies online for free. All those movies are available for public for free. But careful, some apps are free but the content they are providing might be copyrighted. Some people uses utorrent for downloading movies but if you don't know about torrents and how to use them, there are easy guides online you can use for guidance. Torrents are not available everywhere. You should see if torrent is available in your country or not. If not, get a VPN. VPN ensures your safety and you can download movies on torrent anonymously.

For the best movie steraming experience, apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO NOW are the best. There is no way any free app can beat that experience. If you are using free apps, make sure you are using a VPN otherwise, it can create chaos for you. Streaming movies is not free in many countries.

Know more about VPN and how to use VPN on firestick.

Another reliable way to watch movies is Kodi. You can watch end number of movies online using Kodi. Kodi is available for Firestick, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and even for Raspberry Pi. You can also install Kodi on Roku but this is still a controversial topic to discuss on.

Kodi is reliable and you can use that but again, some people face a lot of problems while using Kodi as it is not easy for anyone to use kodi. You need to install Kodi builds and addons to use kodi.

For easy and best experience, you should get paid streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu etc.